2020 Holiday Block Swap

Modern Christmas Trees

A block swap is a great way to gather scrappy blocks, clear out some of your fabric stash and scraps and make room for all the new fabric you will find the coming year! Bonus some block swaps give back to charity! Gypsy Moth Quilt Shop is so excited to announce our first ever block swap! Using this adorable Modern Christmas Tree pattern by Amy Smart from her blog, Diary of a Quilter . This fun block is simple and easy to make and looks ADORABLE. The 2020 Holiday Block Swap will begin on November 1, 2020 you will have until December 11, 2020 to finish your blocks. You may pick up your swapped blocks on December 12 at Gypsy Moth Quilt shop. Swapped blocks will begin returning to you on December 14 via the USPS, if you are a long distance participant. 

How does the block swap work?

You make a certain number of blocks using a specific pattern staying within a certain color scheme, then return the blocks back to Gypsy Moth Quilt Shop, in person or by the mail by the end date of December 11, 2020. 

Does it cost money to participate?

Yes, the 2020 Holiday Block Swap is $10 to participate. The fee is to encourage everyone who signs up to send their blocks back by the end date, December 11, 2020 and to cover postage for any blocks that need to be mailed back. Proceeds will benefit Randy's Rescue Ranch by purchasing items off of their Amazon wish and needs list for this coming winter. The $10 is due when you sign up for the block swap. 

How many blocks do I have to make?

The block swap is set up in groups of 4 blocks or 1 set. So if you sign up for 1 set, you must make 4 blocks and turn them in by the end date, December 11, 2020 and you will get 4 blocks back from others in the swap. If you do 2 sets, you turn in 8 blocks and get 8 blocks back and so on. You can sign up for up to 5 sets or 20 blocks max for your $10 fee.

What if I don't get my blocks done?

If you don't get your blocks done, you will not get any blocks from other participants and you loose your $10 fee. Please make every effort to get your blocks in to make if a fun and fair block swap for everyone! 

Amy Smart Modern Christmas Tree Quilt Block Gypsy Moth Quilt Shop

Photo Credit: Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter



You must use the Modern Christmas Tree Quilt Block Pattern by Amy Smart.

The bog post and directions for the pattern can be found here:

Modern Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern

You can also purchase the pattern for $3.00 here. {It is so worth it!} 
Please do your best to turn in finished blocks measuring approximately 7x9 finished.
Use a color scheme of reds, muted reds to light pinks, greens, muted greens to light blues or teals, white and only browns for tree trunks. Keep in mind a wintery and Christmas feel. 
Please only use 100% quality quilters cotton material. 

 Are you ready to join?

I'm in! {click here}


Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions! 636.235.6294 or email info@gypsymothquiltshop.com