Longarm Rental FAQ

How much does it cost to rent the longarm at Gypsy Moth Quilt Shop?

Rental is $35 for the first two hours and $20 each hour after

Can I bring my own thread?

Yes, as long as it is Superior or Glide thread. You can purchase your thread from us or you can also add a thread charge of $7

Do you provide batting?

I carry batting it is 90" wide and $10 a yard. It is a 80/20 cotton poly. You can choose to bring your own as well.

How big of a quilt can I quilt?

The biggest quilt that will fit on our frame at the shop is 98" wide.

How long will it take to quilt my quilt?

This depends on how big your quilt is and how detailed of a pantograph you use. The average throw quilt takes about 3 hours. A twin can take up to 5. 

Can I bring my own pantograph?

Absolutely, it needs to be an HQF file. We can also purchase a special panto for you for only $7 here at the shop!

Can I only use the longarm during normal operating hours? Your normal hours don't work with my schedule.

Just call or stop by the shop and let me know when you would like to use the longarm and we will find a date and time that works for you. There is a $35 pre pay to book private time. {Time not during normal operating hours.}

 Still have questions? Just ask us. Call 802-622-0332

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