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Art Gallery Fabrics

California Coast | FQ | Art Gallery

California Coast | FQ | Art Gallery

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Exhilarating, calm and stunning. The coast line of California is a visual symphony of color and harmony. The perfect place to find inspiration for your next quilt. Featuring muted blues, tans, creams and a hint of sea glass.

Set of 12 different Art Gallery solids and prints in this curated collection. 

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California Whales: 

There are 3 main whales off the coast of California, Gray whales; Blue whales and Humpback whales. Orcas, may be seen passing through in the spring. 

The blue whale is the largest animal to live on earth. Growing up to 100 feet and living for up to 100 years, these beautiful animals need our protection. The number of blue whales today is only a small fraction of what it was before modern commercial whaling significantly reduced their numbers during the early 1900s, but populations are increasing globally. 

Blue whales are also the loudest animal on Earth. We could watch and listen to them all day. 

10% of the sale of this bundle will go to Save the Whales

Video on blue whales

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