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Perfect Little Box of Neutrals | Aurifil | Pat Sloan

Perfect Little Box of Neutrals | Aurifil | Pat Sloan

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Aurifil is 100% Egyptian Cotton, grown in the MAKO region of Egypt on the river Nile. When considering the quality of cotton we can make the comparison to that of wine, different geographic areas offer different attributes to the raw material. Aurifil thread is long staple, which refers to the length of the fibers in the raw cotton Boll, the length of the fibers determine the quality of the cotton. The Aurifil production process is based in Milan, Italy. It’s here where the thread undergoes 15 steps before it becomes a spool ready for use.

50wt Aurifil thread can be used for machine piecing, hand piecing, machine applique, hand needle turned applique, fine needlework, foundation piecing, miniature patchwork, detailed quilting, bobbin lace making, and machine embroidery.

Set of 10 small spools 220 yards on each spool

Colors included:
2311, 2692, 2340, 2370, 5011
2312, 2372, 2610, 1158, 2600

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